Ψ Karaites Vs. ✡ Jews. The voyage apart began in ✡ Babylon.

Text and Translations by Briandale Gremban | בְּרָאִיאָנְדֵּעִיאֶל גָּרֶמְבֵּן, קָרָאִית־&־מָּשִׁיחַ

Israelites were Divorced by God during exile in ✡ Babylon per Jeremiah 3:8…

So ✡ Jews are no longer the “Chosen People”.
Now ✡ Jews are the “Divorced-by-God People”.
Who are the Ψ Kara’ites?

8“When *I* reflected, then, over all times whereupon Committed Adultery turncoat Israel {upon kneeling to Lucifer in Babylon per Daniel 3:7}, *I* rejected her, even *I* have issued a Writ of Divorce against her!…”[Jeremiah 3:8]

Why the Divorce?
Jews ✡ ~ not Kara’ites Ψ ~ but Jews ✡ committed Divine Adultery with Lucifer in ✡ Babylon upon kneeling to the Devil, as Biblically recorded in the Book of Daniel 3:7…

1…in the country of Babylon … 7then in that moment…all the Peoples, Tribes-of-Jacob[ʟxxiii], and languages knelt to the statue, the one in gold {of ✡ Lucifer}, which erected King Nebuchadnezzar in sight of everyone.[Daniel 3:1…7]

Kara’ites (also as Qara’im), however, rose up as a separate Sect of Judaism when refusing to kneel to Lucifer ✡ in Babylon per Daniel 3:8, 3:12…

12“But there are certain Judeans {Kara’ites} … persons who nohow have respected the decree of yours, O king, and to the god of yours nohow have worshipped, and to the statue the one in gold of yours {of Lucifer} which you erected never have knelt.” [Daniel 3:12]

So Judaism split into two irreconcilable Sects during Exile in ✡ Babylon: ✡ Jews and Ψ Kara’ites.
Kara’ites are truly venerating of God I*AM {Jehovah/YHVH}, ✡ Jews only pretend to be so…

1…Now note two baskets of figs having been set before the Temple of I*AM {Jehovah/YHVH} {the Karaites and the Jews} after removal by Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon…when from Jerusalem thus he displaced them to Babylon.… 3And said I*AM {Jehovah/YHVH}[α] to me, “What are you seeing, Jeremiah?”, and I replied, “Figs {the fruit of Judaism}, the good figs exceedingly good {the Kara’ites}, and the evil exceedingly evil {the Jews}…”[Jeremiah 24:1-3]

►“Hebrew” is a race.
    “Kara’ites” are the Remnant of Ancient Israel.
    “Jews” are a Cult of the Babylonian Talmud.
Since kneeling to ✡ Babylon’s god Lucifer per Daniel 3:7, Jews ✡ writing and obeying their Luciferian Rabbis’ ✡ Babylonian Talmud are now instead the “Chosen People of Baal” according to God, thereby solidifying themselves as the Synagogue of Satan (see Revelation 2:9, 3:9)…

9And secretly the children of Israel … 16…worship before he, Baal {בַּעַל meaning “Owner” or “Lord”[BDB #1339(I)] =“Lucifer” the Owner and Lord of ✡  Jew/◬Mason souls since their kneeling to that Serpent “god” in Daniel 3:7}, 17and they pass the sons of theirs and the daughters of theirs through fire and witchcraft, sorceries and divinations, even being sold to work any Evil before the eyes of I*AM {Jehovah/YHVH}[α] to vex Him.[2Kings 17:9…16-17]

Jewry according to God is an International Crime Syndicate posing as a religion: robbing, cheating, murdering for the spoils…

3“Instead, the Criminal-people {Friberg #2209 “the Lawless”, Isaiah 48:8+Acts 2:22-23}: slaughtering for the spoil {Job 24:3}, killing Humanity {=killing “Goy” Gentiles who are Human “Adam”, Isaiah 31:3}, sacrificing The Lamb {=Jesus ✞ Christ the Lambkin of God, Jeremiah 11:19}, strangling a dog {=robbing sinners of salvation via censorship, Ecclesiastes 9:4-5+Isaiah 3:12}, offering sacrifice of pig’s blood {=secret society séances to Satan, Ezekiel 8, while parading holier-than-thou pretenses, Isaiah 65:4-5}, burning incense {to Egypt’s gods, Jeremiah 44:8}, blessing troublemaking {=acting as Toxic Jews, Proverbs 16:28}: a People who’ve Chosen their own leadership while their own vile practices delight them {a Self-chosen People}. 4…When I visited them, never they opened to Me; I spoke, yet never they listened….” {to Jesus ✞ Christ the God of Israel per Zechariah 7:8-12}.
[Isaiah 66:3-4; see also NJB]

“…Jewry…is a Babylonian banking system and commercial cartel concealed behind a religious façade. It is the ancient tamkarum, the merchant-moneylenders of Babylon, who are hidden behind Judaism.” [“Monsters of Babylon”, p. 597.]

►Hence: ✡ Jewry = ✡ Israel = ✡ Babylon alive!

All of your property and all of your money the ✡ Synagogue of Satan descended from Cain of the Serpent Lucifer of ✡ Babylon wants exceedingly…and they want you dead to steal it…for according to their Talmud…

38a R{abbi}. Johanan even said that the same could be inferred from this [verse]sic, He shined forth from Mount Paran,5/Note5: Deut. XXXIII,2 Rabbi Epstein:[The Mount at which God appeared to offer the Law to the nations, who, however, refused to accept it … implying that]sic from Paran He exposed their money to Israel.
[Babylonian Talmud, Baba Kamma 38a; ed. Rabbi Epstein; Soncino Press; Volume 31b, Baba Kamma Book II, p. 27]

Uh, Rabbis, it was the ✡ Jews according to God in Jeremiah 6:11 not the Nations who forsook God’s Law. And it was the ✡ Jews, not the Goy, who built the Calf of Gold in Exodus 32:2-4 that angered God in Exodus 32:9-10 leading to Moses smashing the first Tablets of the Law in Exodus 32:19. A typical example of the ✡ Synagogue projecting onto others the crimes they themselves do.
Have the ✡ Jew + ◬Mason + ϞVatican snakes turned from God, toward gold?

Torah from Moses regarding gold:

17“…else shall be misled the heart of oneself likewise silver and gold never one shall acquire for oneself exceedingly.” [Deuteronomy 17:17]

Talmud from Rabbis regarding gold…
…they want it all, exceedingly:

119aAll the gold and silver in the world Joseph gathered in and brought to Egypt…And Joseph gathered up all the money that was found…whence do we know it about that of other countries? Because it is stated, And all the countries came unto Egypt…And when the Israelites migrated from Egypt they carried it away with them, for it is said, and they despoiled the Egyptians {Egyptians=Goy=Gentiles per Berakoth 58a Note 14 (see §6:5-6)}.
[Babylonian Talmud, Pesachim 119a; ed. Rabbi Epstein; Soncino Press; Volume 14d, Pesochim Book IV, p. 97]

→Never, however, should a “Jew” be prosecuted simply for being a “Jew”, because that one individual may be the rare humanist amongst the snakes of the Jewry Crime Syndicate, maybe the one too innocent and incapable of succumbing to Rabbi and racial misinformation and misdirection. Jesus was a so-called “Jew”, but was in fact a Kara’ite. Each person Jew or Goy is only guilty of their own crimes, not of their race’s or creed’s. Apostolic Catholics are full of that beauty of Christ God’s honest justice. But not the ungodly, whining against any bigotry restraint…

19“Now y’all will whine, «Why however not bears the member[Strong’s #1121(1i)] {Jew, Vaticaner, Mason, Goy, etc.} the wrongdoing of the progenitor of themself[Strong’s #0001(5)] {Jewry, Vaticanism, Masonry, Heredity, etc.}?» Because that member righteousness and compassion did exercise, all the Commandments of Mine did retain and perform, that-one into Life shall be reborn.”[Ezekiel 18:19]

God rather is making a point in Zechariah 7 about general trust of “Jews”, not that every Hebrew is criminal…
Religions´ dirty laundry, whether Jewry, Vaticanry, Masonry, etc, is a duty here to expose and be vocal against:

9“You now if giving warning to the evildoer the way of that-one for the turning away from such, yet not should that-one alter the way of his/hers, by whatsoever out of the evildoing of his/hers shall Die. But you, the soul of yourself will have saved.”[Ezekiel 33:9]

Whether of Jew or Mason or Vaticaner, or Protestant or Vaticaner, this herein is not to condemn but to encourage individuals within crime syndicates posing as religions whether Hebrew or Gentile to turn and save themselves and leave the imprudent evildoer snakes aka Luciferians behind:

11“Say to them, ‘Life am I! This says I*AM {Jehovah/YHVH}[α]: Nohow desire *I* the Death of the evildoer. Rather this: to turn each evildoer away from the way of themself: Thereby into Life for themself, by a return! Turn everyone from the imprudence of yourselves and thusly! Why suffer Death with the house of Israel {Babylon}?!’”[Ezekiel 33:11]

→“Jew” is the word for the Hebrews of the house of Israel before and after their adultery with Lucifer in ✡ Babylon, from the 3-syllable word in the Hebrew Bible, יְהוּדִ֔י, Yeh-hoo-dee = Jew.
→“Qara’im” is the word for those Hebrews whom God immediately renamed upon they separating themselves from the Jews in ✡ Babylon when remaining faithful to Him at point of death in not kneeling to Lucifer: so God calling ~ this Remnant of true Judaism of the Ancient Israelites ~ in Daniel 3:8,12 a new 4-syllable word in singular/plural: יהוּדָיֵא Ye-hu-da-yei = Kara’ite, /, יְהוּדָאיִן Ye-hu-da-een = Qara’im. Written only in Daniel 3:8, 3:12, and Ezra 4:12,23; 5:1,5; 6:7,8,14; and also Zechariah 8:23 uses the last syllable with a slightly different vowel-pointer from יְהוּדִ֔י Yeh-hoo-dee = Jew, to instead be pronounced, יְהוּדִؘי Ye-hu-dei = Kara’ite. Thus it’s not Jews who will be sought after in the Endtimes, but Qara’im/Kara’ies:

11“But now, not like times foregone, I will be miraculous to the Remnant {Qara’im} of the people here … 23This says I*AM {Jehovah/YHVH}[α] of Hosts: In such days of these {the Endtimes} then will seize ten people from all languages of the nations, even seizing at the hem of a single-one, a Kara’ite {יְהוּדִؘי} to say: ‘We will go with y’all, for we heard the Trinity {Elohim} is with y’all![Zechariah 8:11…23]

►Qara’im aka Kara’ites of the true Ψ Judaism by rejecting Lucifer’s ✡ Talmud are therefore not Jews! Rabbis in Israel and elsewhere to this day for the rejection of their “authority” mistreat Qara’im/Karaites.

8Therefore because of this {their not kneeling to Lucifer’s statue}, at that time came forward certain Babylonians and they devoured with slander any Yehudayei {יהוּדָיֵא, Kara’ite}….”[Daniel 3:8]

Nazis of 3rd Reich Germany however recognizing Kara’ites/Qara’im as separate from the Jews ensured that, “…the Nazi Einsatzgruppen during World War ii received orders to spare the Karaites, who enjoyed favorable treatment…”[Encyclopedia.com, Karaites]

Kara’ites (Qara’im) likely wrote the Dead Sea Scrolls, “a number of close parallels between Dead Sea and Karaite doctrines have been pointed out”. Qara’im being remnants of true Old Testament Judaism are the remnants whom God I*AM {Jehovah/YHVH}[α] declares He will redeem:

9This says I*AM of Hosts{Jehovah/YHVH}[α]: “To be gleaned! Glean as though a vine the remnants of Israel! Pass your hand as gathering along a branch! 10For whom should *I* have announced Myself and should I be urging whereupon they’ll obey?…[Jeremiah 6:9-10]

So of the Kara’ites/Qara’im ~ this tiny flock of 50,000 globally and true people of God and His Torah, a solid separate few in the midst of millions of the fold of Judaism ~ God I*AM {Jehovah/YHVH} says:

12“…I will assemble the remnant of Israel, only I will appoint them as a flock separate, as a flock in the midst of their fold….”[Micah 2:12]

Jews in the millions, on the other hand, admit they’re not the Ancient Israelites, in the first line of their Almanac: ‘Strictly speaking, it is incorrect to call an ancient Israelite a “Jew”….'[“The Jewish Almanac”, p. 3., Chapter 1: “Identity”]

Ancient Israel is today, however, identified by Faith not Family…out of two folds:[φ] the Torah-obeying Qara’im[κappa] “the Called” & the Torah-keeping Apostolic Catholics[τ] “the Pledged”; each fold in these Final Days – as Lucifer’s children work to slaughter them – obeying Torah and recognizing Psalm 2’s Son of God:

7“Now I will tend one flock marked for the slaughter, O reduced of the flock! So I have taken to Me two shepherd-crooks. One I have called “Favored” {Kara’ites}, and the other I have called “Pledged” {Apostolic Catholics}. Now I will feed one flock.”[Zechariah 11:7]

Torah Law for Torah-keepers to obey are simply the Commandments…nothing more…to perfection. Ordinances are civil matters that alter with society; but, the Law of Commandments is divine and imperishable:

37Moreover, He Jesus asserted to him, “‘You shall love I*AM {Jehovah/YHVH}[α] the God of yours with all the heart of yours, and with all the soul of yours, and with all the mind of yours.’ 38This is the first and greatest Commandment. 39A second also resembling it: ‘You shall love the fellowman of yours as yourself.’ 40On this, these Two Commandments, all the Law and the Scriptures be hung.”[Matthew 22:37-40] …
28“…this do, and you shall Live.”[Luke 10:28]

Then, as this author himself testifies, Jesus ✞ Christ God will eventually present Himself to those Torah-keepers of the Commandments:

21Whosoever having the commandments of Mine and keeping them, such is one valuing Me; moreover, whosoever valuing Me will be valued by the Father of Mine; likewise I will value such-a-one, and I will present to such-a-one Myself.[John 14:21]

In Tribulation, Jesus ✞ Christ will be a sanctuary. Yet, for those in darkness who stumble over the Christ as God, then as The Spurned God who has given out so much goodness yet received so much ingratitude, He is to them hurt and harm and condemnation:

14And if upon Him trusting should you be, He will be for you a sanctuary. Then not as of a stone for a hurt[BDAG ‘bruise’] will you meet with Him, nor as of a rock for a deathblow[BDAG ‘killed by violence’]. Yet, the house of Jacob/Israel in error and in emptiness are residing in Jerusalem: 15through this will be stumbled by them many, and be fallen, and be broken. Then they will be drawn up and be condemned people. With a certainty they becoming. 16Bind the testimony! Seal the Law amongst My adherents![Isaiah 8:14-16, LXX+LEN]

Originally this Son of God of Psalm 2 was the Steward of the Ancient Hebrews out of Egypt:

20“Observe! I am sending a Steward into your presence to keep you in the way….”[Exodus 23:20]

Who else has the Name of God I*AM {Jehovah/YHVH}[α] written upon His Soul but the Son of God?!

21“Be mindful at His presence and hearken to His voice! Nowise vex Him, for nohow will He bear with any disobedience due to My Name upon His Soul {I*AM {Jehovah/YHVH}[α,Ω]}!”[Exodus 23:21]

Kara’ites as the Ancient Israelites then beheld Son, Steward, & Saviour visiting as a Human in flesh, like Jesus:

10And they beheld the God of Israel, and beneath the feet of Him alike to…sapphire…![Exodus 24:10]

Now in Final Days, before returning in 2041 for the 70th Jubilee Year and wasting Jerusalem per Daniel 9:2, God by prophet aids with special guidance these AntiTalmud Kara’ites,[θ] as the loyal remnants of the Israelite “Egyptians” whom He led out of Egypt and who kept His ways even in ✡ Babylon, to know Jesus as Messiah, who like them promoted Torah Law when amongst them as God-visiting-in-the-flesh as Son & Saviour:

20…He will send them a man who’ll aid them {as in Judges 6:7-ff… 21then disclosed will be I*AM to “Egypt” and these “Egyptians” will know the Lord at this time…!”[Isaiah 19:20-21]

Note [α]:
“I*AM” is God’s Name – Jehovah and Yahweh are mispronunciations without meaning, unlike I*AM….
From Hebrew, יְהוָה , and Greek, εἰμι , God’s Name means “I AM” –– a Tetragrammaton in each language:     יְהוָה = εἰμι = I*AM                   3“…My Name: I*AM….”[Exodus 6:3, “יְהוָה” LEN]
YHVH / YHWH is God’s name in letters only without vowels, written in Hebrew as יהוה . →(Whether V or W depends merely upon dialect pronunciation of the sixth Hebrew letter as “vav” or “waw”, as in “David” or “Dawid”.)
Say to yourself “I am” and you’ve found your immortal soul! As God’ “I*AM” exists and gives existence by His Divine Selfhood alone, so God’s Name teaches us that He who is Being Itself, who made us in the image of His eternal “I AM”, thus likewise out of Him comes our own being as an eternal “I am”

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